Breathe In, Breathe Out

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Ten Ways Event Planners Like to Decompress 
Have you experienced your stress level escalating as of late? You’re not alone!

For those of us in the event business, planning for spring and summer events has definitely shifted into high gear. And, as we all know, the closer we get to event day, the more things ramp up in terms of deadlines and long hours. There is a reason the profession of “event planner” often appears on the Top 10 lists of the most stressful careers!

Life was stressful before the pandemic, and the last two years dealt everyone a new set of challenges to navigate. As a result of the additional stressors of the last several months, the Ann Plans team has developed a deeper appreciation for finding ways to decompress.

We hope these tips provide you with helpful strategies for managing stress:

1. Focus on the big picture. When you find yourself feeling crazed about your multi-page to do list, take a moment to remember “the why” of what you’re doing. Think about the amazing experience your guests will have. Focus on the people who will benefit from the outcomes of your event.

2. Prioritize. While the goal is to provide a seamless event experience, there are likely things you can let go of. Focus on the biggest impact items such as following up on pending sponsorships and guest registrations rather than scrambling to secure a handful of additional silent auction items.

3. Take some deep breaths. This really works! Closing your eyes and focusing on breathing in and out for even a few minutes can do wonders in taking the edge off stress.

4. It’s a team effort! Remember that you are not alone. It takes a team to build a successful event. Facilitate good communication amongst your team members in supporting each other – and effectively dividing and conquering.

5. Drink lots of water. There are so many health benefits to staying hydrated. I experience a calming sensation simply by closing my eyes and taking a nice big drink of cold water.

6. Spend time outdoors. This is one of our team’s favorite tips! A little (or a lot) of fresh air can do wonders for how you feel. Don’t have time to head to a hiking trail or put on your snowshoes? Even a walk around the block can be beneficial.

7. Be protective of your calendar. The last two years of Zoom meetings have caused many of us to pack our schedules with back-to-back meetings. Block off times on your calendar when you are unavailable for meetings. Use that time to complete items on your project list, and take some breaks!

8. Call a friend. One of the best ways to relieve stress is making time for a chat with a great friend.

9. Celebrate! Don’t wait until after your big event to start celebrating. Did you hit your sponsorship goal? Have you secured phenomenal live auction packages? Make it a point to acknowledge and celebrate successes with your team along the way.

10. Have fun! Most importantly, don’t put off having fun until after the hubbub leading up to the big night. Remind yourself to enjoy the journey of the planning process.

The Ann Plan team wishes you a successful, fun, and energizing event season. Be sure to carve out time to take care of yourself and enjoy all the things that fuel you!



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